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In fact, according to the tables, the sst hornady has an increase which is 2. Hornadys very successful sst sst stands for super shock tip is essentially a secant ogive interlock bullet with a red polymer tip. I tried these new fpb bullets this year and i have not shot anything like them. With the hornady sst ml high speedlow drag sabots 300 gr. Hornady expansionsgeschosse sind bei amerikanischen jagern. You can get ssts in both custom and superperformance replaced hornadys light magnum product. The fpb features hornadys exclusive flex tip technology. New hornady ballistic calculator generates printable drop. Hornady manufacturing is widely regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the shooting sports industry and is recognized worldwide for. There are more sophisticated ballistics solvers available on the web such as the outstanding applied ballistics online calculator, but the hornady calculator is very simple and easy to use.

Print handy dropchart with free hornady ballistics calculator. Today i went out and tried the new hornady fpb bullets in my cva. But then i saw the federal bor lock 270 grain ammo. I have been shooting the 250gr ssts for deer, and while i have not had any issues with them, i dont know if they are a good idea for an elk. Im just curious how blarby knows that the ssts expand and dont penetrate. Loaded with either the hornady sst or interlock rn bullet. Hornady lnl progressive ideas to make things easier. The ssts out of a 06 never exited a single deer i had a cup here somewhere of an sst that had seperated from the core. Hornadys low drag sabot turns the ultraaccurate sstml into the easiestloading, hardesthitting and mostaccurate muzzleloader bullet on the planet.

Flat shooting and deadly accurate, its an ideal bullet for whitetails, as well as most north american game animals from antelope to moose and similarsized african plains game. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a plain old round ball or an old. Hornady fpb muzzleloading bullets are newly designed muzzleloading bullets designed for use without a sabot. Llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a. It is fairly priced compared to the accubond and tsxttsx. Imr4350 gives a slight velocity edge, but not much. The sabots are loaded with hornadys sst bullets which achieve controlled expansion with less fragmentation, delivering better penetration, higher retained weight and improved long range performance. The cannelure seems to do quite well holding the jacket on. Bullet entered dead center low on the shoulder, took out. Like the bound and ebook versions, the hornady reloading app provides all the information needed to successfully reload a variety of rifle and handgun cartridges. Ive had more failure to expand with the ssts than any other bullet design and more problems with hornadys than any other. The super shock tip sst is a bullet style created by hornady and is used in a variety of their rifle rounds. Nosler partitions vs hornady ssts performance on game. Really like the round and am seeing excellent accuracy with the 210gr nosler partitions and 225gr hornady ssts, both at about 2750 over r17.

Not as much trauma but a good through and through and good blood trail. Ive loaded 5 bullets for the 8x57, hornady 125gr sp and hp, sierra 150gr pro hunter, 200gr accubond, and the 200gr sierra mk. Load data for muzzleloader rifles 1 volumetric units measured with a standard black powder measure, or. I personally would opt for the eldx if bc is a concern if not the sst will do fine. The superformance is about 200 fps faster than custom. Hornady sst bullets for elk the firearms forum the. Conveniently, on the trajectory output, comeups are listed in both moa and mils so this will work with either moa clicks or milbased clicks.

Barnes 290 grain tez or tmz depending on the barrel fit with blackhorn. In addition to bullets, hornady offers a full selection of brass, ammunition, reloading tools, muzzleloading and security products. Ive used ssts on antelope and wasnt too impressed with them. Hornady custom vs hornady superformance firearms talk. Introduced in 1998 in response to the popularity of the nosler ballistic tip, it is a very low drag bullet with a high ballistic coefficient bc.

The shockwaves when weighed will run as much as a 2gr difference,the dead centers are within. Buy the hornady sst bullets and more quality fishing, hunting and outdoor gear at bass pro shops. So, whichever one your rifle shoots the most accurately would be your best 600 yard bullet. The hornady sst super shock tip is designed to deliver tremendous shock on impact while expanding quickly and reliably, particularly at higher velocities. Accubonds are an entirely different class of hunting bullet than an sst, a lot of hunters swear by the sst but after seeing the aftermath of both many times ill take the accubond always, even on deer looking to the future the new hornady eld x could very well be a very good game bullet indeed. There is little question that this new hornady bullet is a more appropriate hunting bullet, offering better flight characteristics hornadys published b. The fpb is also highly regarded as a well constructed muzzleloader bullet. Need some sabots, bullets or round balls for your muzzleloader. On average it retains 85% or more of its weight after impact with hide, bone, and meat. Time for custom, superformance and light magnum ammunition in 3006 loaded with a 150 gr sst bullet. The flex tip creates a very streamlined and very durable meplat that maximizes exterior ballistics. Welcome to the predator masters forums be sure to visit the main predator master website at. Sst 80463 3185 2908 2649 2404 2172 1953 2140 1784 1480 1219 995 804 1 5 1 30 6 186 38 aw 243 win 100 gr. Having experienced total bullet failure with hornady hunting bullets in the past i was reluctant to give them a try, but i figured eventually even hornady would get it right and decided to take them hunting when the first attempt 3006 grouped about 114.

I use hornady gmx, nosler etip, and barnes ttsx bullets exclusively. The sst has already shown jacket seperation in some recovered bullets. Im used to corelockts, although i shot one doe with a hornady light mag 150 gr interlock. All the comments about them performing poorly on elk isnt suprising. They both are constructed to provide controlled expansion that you want. Interlock btsp 8047 2960 2729 2509 2300 2101 1912 1945 1653 98 1175 980 812 1 516 0 7 209 42 sf 6mm rem 95 gr. In most of the rifles i have seen shoot the 120 sst it is an accurate bullet.

I do use and shoot them, but i dont like to, if other options are available. With similar loads in 270 win and 7mm mag, the ballistic tip was a little more accurate than the sst. The fpb features hornady s exclusive flex tip technology. The fast hornady interlock ball moves down 6 cm less than the reference ammunition.

With a 200 yard zero, and 2600 fps mv, drop at 500 yards is. The white tail deer was running at about 150 yds and was drt. Hornady sst failure registered users do not see the above ad. However, if we use a common spitzer ball of 150 grain federal power shok 150 grain, for example, this gap would cease to exist. All i know is that myself and three other guys were shooting management bucks over a weeks time, and out of 150 deer killed the three wounded were with the ssts. So now you don t have to compromise or shoot a muzzleloader bullet that has. Our muzzleloading ramrod tips are specially designed to protect the tip of hornady sstml, monoflex ml, and fpb bullets. Partitions are ok, but todays solid copper alloy bullets are better, especially on elk. The hornady fpb is clearly intended to compete with the popular but poorperforming powerbelt line of bullets. The amax has absolutely nothing in its inner construction designed to hold together the jacket to the core during expansion and so its not going to open up as much and the possibility of it seperating and losing mass necessary to create large channels is much lower. So now you dont have to compromise or shoot a muzzleloader bullet that has. Whats the best muzzleloader bulletpowder combination. Hornady sst or litefield exp or remington accutip ohio.

Op, we have taken deer with the sst and that is a awesome bullet. I havent hunted with these bullets yet, but the 250 grain the hornady sst is the. In march, hornady introduced a new 178grain bthp match superformance round with a muzzle velocity. Hornady claims that the sst is a tipped version of the interlock. Check store inventory check store availability change stores. Designed for use in black powder muzzleloading rifles. Hornady sstml highspeed lowdrag sabots with flex tip technology. I was aiming just behind the shoulder but the wind was stronger then i thought. Hornady sst do exactly what theyre designed to do and are amazing at killing deer and antelope. Hornadys low drag sabot turns the ultraaccurate sstml into the easiest loading, hardesthitting and mostaccurate muzzleloader bullet on the planet. It is specially engineered so that it requires no lube, and only 25 pounds of ram rod pressure, the 300 gr. Fpb is one of the easiest loading muzzleloader bullets available.

It really performs well on hogs by doing a lot of internal damage very quickly. Fpb muzzleloading a specially engineered profile requires no lube and a mere. A 150grain sst bullet is now offered, as are165grain bullets in both sst and gmx factory loads. I used the 140 gr hornady sst for the first time last year. Muzzleloaders and bullets with sabots for sale midsouth. Which bullet in factory loads would you chose for whitetails if accuracy was comparable. I have killed dozens of deer and a couple antelope with the sst using 270, 308, and 3006 and the bullet has always performed perfectly. Hornady fpb muzzleloading bullets 50 cal 300 grain flex. The bullets features a copper jacket and special profile that eliminates the need for a sabot which also make it easier to load. Bullet used was a factory hornady 154gr sst superformance at 3100fps. Shop our muzzleloader sabots for sale from great brands like powerbelt, hornady, and barnes. Hornady has come up with another muzzleloading bullet that is easy to load and convenient. Three ways to get the hornady handbook of cartridge reloading. Hornady sstml muzzleloading bullets 45 cal sabot 40 cal.

Im not completely convinced that a bullet that requires expansion of the base will assure consistent and reliable gas seals in modern inline rifles. Encore, 777 100 grains loose powder, hornady fpb sabotless 350 gr. Ive fired both powerbelts and hornady ssts from several mls andat 100 yards i could get 23 groups with the pb 245 gr. The mls i have now are a cva optima new breach plug and a cva wolf old breach plug. As can be seen from the graph all loads produced approximately the same pressure but have widely. Midsouth carries everything from the muzzleloader, rifle, or pistol you want, like black powder, sabots, and the bullets that go in it. The hornady muzzleloading low drag sabot is designed to be easier to load. Other easyload bullets often fail to properly engage the rifling, which does not effectively stabilize the bullet and, as a result, accuracy suffers. That said i never had to trail any shot with the sst.

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