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Sep 15, 2015 doing gender by candace west and don h. We presented doing gender at a meeting of the american sociological. Doing gender west and zimmerman flashcards quizlet. Essentially, west and zimmerman argued that gender is something that humans created. Pdf west and zimmerman, doing gender frostlock zhou. Viewing gender through judith butlers 1988 concept gender performativity and west and zimmermans 1987 notion of doing gender, this study argues that these categories are unnecessary. Doing gender is necessary because appropriate performances of gender are the means through which individuals claim membership in a sex category as. Doing gender in input fields chi 14 extended abstracts on. Pdf doing gender the sage encyclopedia of psychology and. Terms in this set 8 what is sex, sex category, and gender, according to west and zimmerman.

Bibliography includes bibliographical references p. Premid 70s, sociological discernment between sex and gender biological versus psychological, cultural, social. West and zimmerman conceptualize doing gender as a process, involving the identification of current cultural conceptions of conduct p. It describes the insights the approach offers for conceptualizing gender, and it assesses the specific contributions of doing gender in criminology.

The book will be essential reading for scholars coping with the theoretical difficulties of bringing together analyses of gender, race, and class. West and zimmerman 1987, scholars find that workers in a wide range of occupations. Zimmerman doing gender this piece elaborates the ethnomethodologica perspective on gender developed by garfinkel and kessler arid mckenna see introduction, garfinkels classic study of agnes. The workinprogress outlined in this paper focuses on the role input fields in webforms play in the performance of gender. Doing gender is a socially required practice, and therefore we cannot not do gender, our assigned sex category is imposed on us and is perceived as essential, we can comply with is or rebel against it, but in either case we are always, west and zimmerman argue, doing gender. West and zimmerman 1987, and 2 attention to the interlocking systems of race, class, and gender espiritu 1997. Doing gender by west and zimmerman summary consider the.

West and zimmerman suggest that gender is something people do. Doing gender refers to process of creating gender through interactions in particular social settings. An international journal on deepdyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips. Originally written in 1977 but not published until 1987, doing gender is the most cited article published in gender and society. The initial ideas for doing gender came in 1975 and 1976, while we were trying to reconcile findings on the use of interruption in conversations between women and men zimmerman and west 1975. However, we contend that the notion of gender as a role obscures the work that is involved in producing gender in. Apr 10, 2017 based on candace west and don zimmermans theory of doing gender, this chapter argues that the ikumen project still relies on the old paradigm of a workfamily model predicated on the male breadwinning model and thus can redo gender, while legitimising japanese mens active involvement in unpaid domestic work and family. You can turn on your sociological eye no matter where you are or what you are doing. By doing gender, people actively manage social interactions in light of normative expectations fenstermaker berk 1985. Jun 08, 2012 read doing gender well and differently in management, gender in management. Fenstermaker and west offer an inspiring model of how theorybuilding might and should proceed, through dialogue with other scholars and creative empirical work. Candace west and don zimmerman famously coined the term doing gender to explain how individuals actively construct their gender identity in interactions with others. West and zimmerman 1987, we examine gender determination criteria in. Our purpose in this article is to propose an ethnomethodologically informed, and.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Doing gender west and zimmerman summary free essays. However, we contend that the notion of gender as a role obscures the work that is involved in producing gender in everyday activities, while the notion. Handout candace west, don zimmerman, doing gender, in. A criminological analysis of offender narratives, and the interrelationship between masculinities and child sexual abuse. Small insults and doing gender one of the most universal social things that we as humans do is gender. Sex determination made by applying a socially agreed upon biological criteria for classifying people as either male or female. Research has also attended to how individuals conform to gender categories in their everyday lives.

In sociology and gender studies, doing gender is the idea that in western culture, gender. This concept of doing gender is so embedded in the roots of society that many people are oblivious to it. Sociology doing gender gender studies bibliographies. We use gender to organize activities, as innocent appearing as lining up in school boys in this line, girls in this one or as oppressive as income distribution. One central point of ethnomethodological analysis that west and zimmerman. The specific term doing gender was used in west and zimmermans article. Distinguishing the study of doing gender from gender role theory, west and zimmerman examine the interactional work involved in being a gendered person in society. Jul 01, 2004 read doing gender, doing entrepreneurship. In other words, gender may be challenged and revised. Accounting for doing gender the online version of this article can be.

How race and gender shaped american citizenship and labor doing. That is, to do gender is to act with the possibility that one will be judged according to normative stan dardsapplied to ones sex category. West and zimmerman, in 1987, first presented the concept of doing gender as a contrast. Doing gender well and differently in management deepdyve. Ebook or pdf edited book email encyclopedia article govt.

West, zimmerman doing gender 1 sex, sex category, and gender garfinkels 1967, pp. The purpose of this article is to advance a new understanding of gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in everyday interaction. Transgender people, gender panics, and the maintenance of the sexgendersexuality system. Transitions in institutions, policies and practices. Recent developments in language and gender research elizabeth h.

West and zimmermans definition of gender is a sociological one which relies on codes and conventions. The concept of doing gender was later expanded by authors such as west. Aim the aim of this article is to focus on the experiences of staff and management in a longterm care setting on the social categorization of gender and to reflect and discuss these findings against already existing research. Gender is not something we are born with, and not something we have, but something we do west and zimmerman 1987 something we perform butler 1990. Here are summary points about doing gender, based on their article. How does accountability relate to doing gender, according to west and zimmerman. Doing gender, doing difference is a fascinating and coherent collection showing the development, spanning 25 years, of theorizing about the social construction of gender and other inequalities. Use of anthropological and hermaphroditic cases to demonstrate difference.

Accomplishment of being a woman in the face of normative. West and zimmerman 1977 with prevailing formulations of sex role theory. Sociologists of gender generally agree with west and zimmerman s 1987 central. Doing gender, doing religion the doing gender theoretical model has proven to be enormously influential among scholars as a useful framework for understanding the social construction of gender west and zimmerman 1987. Doing gender number in the article doing gender by west and zimmerman, gender is presented as a strong ideological tool that is used in daily interaction to build and strengthen differences between sexes. Sex category based upon application of sex criteria, but also by socially required displays that claim membership to one or another. Doing crime as doing gender masculinities, femininities. Candace west and don zimmerman introduced the concept doing gender in an article of the same title in 1987.

To do so entails a critical assessment of existing perspectives on sex and gender and the introduction of important distinctions among sex, sex category, and gender. Based on the premise that doing gender in hci should be studied both on the macro and the microhci level, and highlighting the perceived necessity of knowing someones gender to interact with them, my research explores the micro aspect of input fields for titles. Doing gender according to west and zimmerman is to advance a new understanding of gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in every day interaction. In the same anthology, we may find some chapters that conceive of gender, race, and class as distinct axes and others that conceive of them as concentric ones. The same idea, albeit not in terms of utility function, was developed earlier by west and zimmerman 1987 in an influential article entitled doing gender almost a trademark in timeuse research on wages and housework time see the survey by coltrane, 2000. In doing gender, west and zimmerman advance a sociological approach to gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in everyday interaction 1987, 125. In this paper, the doing gender thesis west and zimmerman 1987 is adopted to develop a gender identity scale, using a broad range of attitudes and activities dominantly seen as masculine. Gender the reaction and result of situational actions shaped by normative expectations of ones sex category. However, the use of any such source as a manual of procedure. Though published in 1987, dg was written far earlier than that circa 1975 in an attempt to use thenprevalent sex role theory to communicative issues held between men and women.

According to west and zimmerman 2009, doing gender. This essay assesses the strengths and limitations of doing gender for understanding crime. Doing gender is a paradigm first articulated by west and zimmerman for theorizing gender as socially produced in ongoing interactions of everyday life. Indeed, studying housework in the context of samesex couples provides insights into both the doing and the undoing of gender through housework risman, 2004. West and zimmerman state that to understand gender as activity, it is important to differentiate between sex, sex category, and gender. Doing gender how society creates differences between girls and boys. Background doing gender plays an important role in nursing interactions in longterm care settings. Assumptions assumes that everyone cares about doing gender or that people are always watching to look for norm violations. Gender, socialconstructionism, and interpersonal interaction west and zimmermans 1987 iconic piece attends to the notion of gender as a process that is accomplished in everyday interaction. Once the differences have been constructed, they are used to reinforce the essentialness of gender west and zimmerman 1987. Zimmermann first introduced their notion of gender not as a trait, a social role or a societal representation, but rather as an accomplishment the product of daily social practices and behaviors which codify and manifest femininity of. Lorber and s, faprell eds the social construction of gender, london.

In their 1987 article doing gender sociologists candace west and don h. If gender is established through action, ones sex assigned at birth, regardless if one is transgender and cisgender, does not have a. Policewomen or policewomen doing gender and police work. Caring about food doing gender in the foodie kitchen. Given that others continually categorize us in our social environment, we actively try to embody and enact masculine or. Stuck in a boring committee meeting for that matter, a sociology department meeting, you can check the pattern of who is sitting next to whom, who gets the floor, who makes eye contact, and what is the rhythm of laughter forced or spontaneous or of pompous. Doing gender in media, art and culture essay example topics. The course will focus on both lived experiences how men and women do gender as well as how actors in different policymaking arenas frame and apply gender, in global, eu, national and local contexts. Doing gender is a classic sociological concept developed by candace west and don zimmerman. Doing gender was an article and concept coined by sociologists candace west and don zimmerman in 1987 published in gender and society. West is a professor at the university of california, santa cruz, sociology department. Doing gender is not just accepting or agreeing to what the society tells us to. Gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in everyday interaction 125.

West, zimmerman doing gender 127 focus on behavioral aspects of being a woman or a man as opposed, for example, to biological differences between the two. Stokoe introduction in this paper, i consider the potential of membership categorisation analysis, an empirical tool in ethnomethodological inquiry, for language and gender researchers. Her research areas include language and social interaction, the sociology of gender, conversation analysis, and microanalysis and medicine. W ere delighted to have doing gender and its sequelae as the subjects of this symposium. Doing gender, doing difference is engaging and thoughtprovoking. Sociology negotiations of gender flashcards quizlet. Doing gender and gender equality through emotional. Doing gender, doing class the performance of sexuality. Definition of doing gender noun creating differences between girls and boys and women and men, differences that are not natural, essential, or biological. As with everything that ethnomethodologists look at, gender for west and zimmerman is not a thing that exists outside of interactions, either in society or biology. Doing gender in context uq espace university of queensland. We argue that recognition of the analytical independence of these concepts is essential. West, fenstermaker doing difference 9 references to gender, race, and class as intersecting systems, as interlocking categories, and as multiple bases for oppression.

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